In the event of having to gain access to premises with UPVC double glazed windows, doors, conservatories or toughened glass etc then contacting locksmiths with vast experience in this area is very important.

As locking mechanisms can be really complicated and sophisticated and of course very expensive it is important to gain entry the easiest and most cost effective way. Our experienced team will be able to recommend the very best solutions for the job required. If it is an urgent need as the security of your premises are at risk then please call our emergency team and we will prioritise your situation and get it resolved as soon as possible.


The security of our customers premises is something that is very important to us and our skilled locksmiths regularly work with local customers who have either had a break in, are victims of vandalism or have a problem with a broken window panel or door.

On a happier note we are able to advise on and provide a whole range of toughened glass products to make a safer environment within your business or household.

A whole variety of products can now be made in toughened glass which means there is much less chance of an accident. Simple products like book shelves and baby doors or cat flaps though to Doors and tables etc. We are happy to advise on any requirements that you may have where you think that toughened glass may be the answer then please call our team of experts.